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Susy Schieffelin: Returning to Unconditional Love

Susy Markoe Schieffelin is a Crystal Alchemy Sound Healer, a Reiki Master, a Kundalini Yoga Teacher, and a Keith's Cacao Practitioner. Susy is also the founder of The Copper Vessel and The Sound Healers Academy in Los Angeles, California. Susy's work has been featured in prestigious publications like The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Vogue, and The Los Angeles Times.

A Return to Love

Today, Susy is a highly successful entrepreneur, leading restorative crystal alchemy sound bath meditations, monthly moon ceremonies, and transformational group healing programs. Her sound baths have been viewed and attended by millions of people worldwide and described as "otherworldly" and "a mind-blowing experience that is a must for people new to meditation." She has shared this path towards healing with employees at companies such as Google, YouTube, Pandora, ALO, and Nordstrom and has played crystal bowls with notable artists, including LeAnn Rimes and the Los Angeles Philharmonic. 

But Susy's life didn't always look like this. Only a few years back, Susy had reached rock bottom with alcohol abuse, prescription medications, and other drugs to cope with the busy, loud, self-judgemental thoughts in her mind. When she managed to get sober, Susy turned to meditation in a desperate cry for a brighter, better way of living beyond self-judgment and hypercritical thoughts.

Still, she struggled with anxiety, overthinking, and regular panic attacks. Until she went to her first sound bath! This was the first time Susy's mind quietened enough to allow her heart to crack open to a state of bliss and contentment she had only previously dreamed of. Bathing among sacred sounds, Susy was able to remember her true natureof love and understanding.

The Powerful Alchemy of Cacao and Sound

Experiencing the power of Sound Healing for herself, Susy soon went into training, eager to share vibration medicine with others. Her personal practice and professional offerings took on a whole new trajectory when she discovered the ultimate ally in Keith's Cacao. As an entheogenic substance, 100% Pure Ceremonial Grade Cacao encourages us to look within, keeps us on our path, and welcomes us home to our hearts. And it is this, above all else, that makes it a great facilitator and perfect partner in any process that helps promote self-love, kindness, compassion, patience, and understanding. For when the path to the heart is open, it becomes easier to explore our essence and access the true potential that lies deep within. 

Combining Sound Healing with Keith's Cacao has allowed Susy to accelerate and enhance her healing process and reconnect with her body's ever-changing needs. The conscious intention, integrity, and loving energy infused into every block of Cacao transpire throughout every sip on her journey back to wholeness. In her own words, "there is no other Cacao containing the same magic as Keith's Cacao."

Cacao Practice

From a nervous system once rattled with fear and anxiety to one that is now in serenity and softness, Susy has experienced first-hand how Cacao can help remove our blockages of fear, resistance, and limiting beliefs that prevent us from feeling our truth of unconditional love.

Knowing that healing is possible when we remember our loving essence, Susy is impassioned to help others experience the alchemical union of Sound and Cacao and has been instrumental in creating a growing, loving community that has embraced her multi-sensorial sound-based Cacao ceremonies.

What began as a deep need to find peace within herself has grown into a way of life and a vocation that impacts the hearts, minds, and souls of others.

For more on Susy's journey with Cacao during her pregnancy, head to our blog post: Cacao & Motherhood: Susy Schieffelin's Story.

Follow Susy's journey and wisdom on her inspiring Facebook and Instagram accounts. If you're curious about becoming a certified Sound Healer, The Sound Healer's Academy is accepting applications for the October training now.

You can also read more on Cacao as a facilitator, partner, and ally in our blog posts: Cacao & Meditation and Cacao & Yoga.

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