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The Psychedelic Access Fund: Opening Doors to Healing with Help from Keith's Cacao

In a world where access to healing modalities can be limited by financial barriers, Jeanie Lee, the founder of the Psychedelic Access Fund (PAF), is on a mission to change that. Through her personal journey of transformation and her desire to bring plant medicine to underserved communities, Lee created PAF as a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing safe and accessible psychedelic experiences. One crucial element of PAF's approach is networking events amongst psychedelic professionals who wish to collaborate to create a healed, conscious, and connected world. In this, they have Keith's Cacao as an ally. 

“Sitting with it regularly has given me the understanding and experience of Keith's Cacao as a plant medicine teacher, infusing my life with joy, love, and inspiration,”

- Jeannie Lee

From Struggle to Empowerment

Jeanie Lee's background is one of adversity and triumph. Growing up in poverty and navigating a challenging environment, she overcame obstacles to become the first person in her family to graduate high school and secure a full scholarship to college. This transformative journey brought her into the vibrant tech scene of New York City, but she always felt the dichotomy between her old neighborhood and her new life. As Lee embarked on her healing path, she discovered the power of plant medicine and its potential to address transgenerational trauma caused by poverty and addiction.

The Birth of the Psychedelic Access Fund

Encountering financial and psychological barriers while attempting to share the healing benefits of plant medicine with her community, Jeanie Lee recognized the need for an accessible platform. She became passionate about building the Psychedelic Access Fund (PAF) to ensure that those who couldn't afford psychedelic-assisted treatments still had a chance to benefit from them. PAF, now six months into its launch, strives to make psychedelic healing accessible to all, breaking the mold of exclusivity often associated with wellness services.

Keith's Cacao: a Catalyst for Openness

Jeanie Lee first encountered Keith's Cacao four years ago, and it swiftly became an integral part of her spiritual practice. “Sitting with it regularly has given me the understanding and experience of Cacao as a plant medicine teacher, infusing my life with joy, love, and inspiration,” says Lee. Deeply resonating with Keith's Cacao heart-based qualities, Lee feels they are “perfectly aligned with PAF's mission, which is rooted in love and guided by the heart.” The collaboration between PAF and Keith's Cacao stems from their shared belief in the power of intentional container holding. PAF incorporates Cacao into their in-person networking events, using Cacao as a facilitator for openness, authenticity, and connection. By engaging with Cacao as plant medicine, participants can explore the world of psychedelics and plant medicine in a safe and guided manner. The events create a heart-centered space where conversations about psychedelics and healing can occur with intention and compassion.

Doorway to Psychedelics

Cacao, though not classified as a psychedelic, can serve as a doorway to more profound psychedelic experiences. It provides an opportunity for individuals who may need more time to be ready for a deep journey to dip their toes into the world of plant medicine. By engaging with Cacao, newcomers can familiarize themselves with the consciousness and energy of a plant medicine ceremony. Furthermore, Jeannie has seen how “Cacao serves as valuable integration tools, allowing participants to share their experiences, support one another, and foster heart-based connections.”

Jeanie Lee's personal journey from adversity to empowerment has fueled her passion for making psychedelic healing accessible to all through the Psychedelic Access Fund. By incorporating Cacao ceremonies and the intentional use of Keith's Cacao, PAF fosters openness, authenticity, and connection in its events. Cacao serves as both an introduction to the world of psychedelics and a valuable integration tool, creating a heart-centered space where individuals can explore healing modalities and support one another. As the PAF continues its mission, Keith's Cacao remains a staunch supporter, ally, and an integral player in its efforts to ensure that healing is available to those who need it most.

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