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What do we mean when we say Pure Ceremonial Cacao is a Plant Medicine? How do people work with it, and why?

Here are some other ways our Practitioners utilize Keith's Cacao as a plant medicine for healing and therapy

Creating the Space for Healing

Psychologist, Somatic Psychotherapist, and Cacao Practitioner Tina Rosgaard uses Keith's Cacao to help her clients calm their nervous systems and feel safe and held, so they can open up. Keith's Cacao also establishes a connection between therapist and client, which allows them to go faster and deeper within, into the space where healing can happen naturally.

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Keith's Cacao for Integration

Rob Dannen became fascinated by the workings of the human mind and psyche in the context of knowledge engineering and artificial intelligence. In his therapy work, he bridges this intellectual understanding of who we are with Ceremonial Cacao's somatic, holistic experience of ourselves. He also uses Keith's Cacao as a valuable tool to integrate and anchor insights received from other plant medicines.

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Keith's Cacao Practitioner Eva Hansen shares her powerful connection with Ceremonial Cacao as a plant medicine. Keith's Cacao reminds Eva to be present in her body, enjoy the moment, and stop taking herself too seriously. She works deeply with Keith's Cacao to help people heal anxiety, depression, and physical ailments.

Go to our blog, to read more about why Keith's Cacao is at the center of Eva's life as a Plant Priestess and Nature-based Psychotherapist in Training, both in her own practice and what she shares with the world.

Click on the video below for more on the enchanting world of Ceremonial Cacao in Eva's Podcast "Listening: Conversations with Plants." In this captivating conversation Eva and Keith's Cacao Practitioner, Nicole Gnutzman, share their insights and experiences, delving deep into the heart of Keith's Cacao as a plant medicine. Make yourselves a cup of The Finest Ceremonial Cacao and around 30 minutes into the podcast, participate in a brief drinking prayer/ritual!

Keith's Cacao founder, Keith Wilson, was perhaps the first Westerner to rediscover this overlooked great teacher plant, back in 2003; and he has been using it ever since. Below are some snippets of wisdom, accumulated over a 20-year connection with and use of this potent plant medicine, written by the man himself.

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