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In this video, Keith talks about what it felt like to be working for a Spirit Plant Medicine, his conviction that there is no right way to share Cacao – only your way, and how the Power of Cacao training program was created to disperse myths and misinformation. And he also gives a beautiful definition of "xocóatl", the word that became chocolate!

Keith's Story in his Own Words: Videos from Keith's Porch

Keith's Story in his Own Words: Excerpts from the Far Out Podcast

Meet Keith Wilson

The Far Out hosts introduce Keith as the man responsible for introducing Ceremonial Cacao to the world.

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Keith: The Backstory

Keith before Cacao! From training in energy and working with AIDS patients in Manhattan to making his way to Guatemala.

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Knowing Cacao

Keith is visited by the Cacao Spirit and embarks on a journey of getting to know the energy and finding the best beans to make the finest, medicinal, heart-opening chocolate! 

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Indigenous vs Modern

Keith's work with Cacao vs traditional shamanic uses. Keith's mission and why he was chosen by the Cacao Spirit to do this work.

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The Cacao Movement

From working with Cacao on the porch to supplying Cacao to be used with breathwork, dance, yoga, kirtan, hiking, and in the fields of creativity, productivity, and athletics.

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The Power of Keith’s Cacao

The difference between Keith’s Cacao and other Cacao. Some of the incredible health benefits of Cacao, its function as an adaptogen, and value as a superfood.

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How Keith’s Cacao is Made

Keith describes the whole process from bean to cup. He explains the stages of fermentation, roasting, hand-peeling and sorting in the preparation of Keith’s Cacao bricks.

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Working for a Plant Medicine

Growing and reaching more people. Keith elaborates on his mission and work with –and for– the Cacao Spirit and the gift of being on this journey with Cacao for (now) 20 years!

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How We Do It: Meet Our Local "Family"

Harvest to Heart

Click on the link below to watch a short video on how we produce the Original and World's Finest 100% Pure Ceremonial Cacao.

Providing the best possible product to our customers, all around the world, and supporting the people who work with us and the greater San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala community, is very important to the entire Keith's Cacao organization.

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The Female Team of Tostadoras

We are honored to share a glimpse into the lives of the amazing women who toast and hand peel every one of our cacao beans. When you purchase a brick of Keith's Cacao you help us support these women and their families.

This video was filmed with the help of chief worker in our taller, Rosalinda Sajvin Sajvin, who translated between the local Kaqchiquel and Spanish.

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Keith Wilson wrote extensively on all things Cacao. You can find excerpts of his deep and broad knowledge and wisdom on our Blog.

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