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The Power of Cacao Course

The Power of Cacao, Practitioner Certification Course, will guide you to develop your own unique personal practice and group sharing expertise. A prerequisite for any who wish to be a Keiths Cacao Practitioner.

$ 498.00 USD

Learn to be a Ceremonial Cacao Practitioner!


Please join us for a live, online learning course - The Power of Cacao; Practitioner Certificate Course, an exploration of 100% Pure Ceremonial Grade Cacao, its benefits in daily use, and the foundational knowledge and facilitator ‘secrets’ needed to create or enhance your signature Cacao supported offering or ceremony.

This course is OPEN ENROLLMENT - you can join at anytime!

You have heard the call! As a long-time chocolate lover, now is the time to go deeper and explore the true origins of the world’s favorite treat and rediscover the power of 100% Pure Ceremonial Grade CACAO.

Experience for yourself pure Cacao's remarkable mood-enhancing and heart-expanding effects, along with its creativity and performance benefits. If you are already familiar with the magic of Ceremonial Cacao, this experience will deepen your relationship, raise your confidence and expand your work with Cacao.

Course Overview

This course combines weekly facilitated Zoom calls with our extensive online repository of written and video content. The experience interweaves the science of Cacao with ceremonial transmissions and practices and is for those who want to:

• Create and deepen a personal practice with Cacao

• Learn about Keith Wilson, the Chocolate Shaman and 100% Pure Ceremonial Grade Cacao

• Be introduced to the history and ritual use of Cacao

Receive Cacao recipes and practical advice for personal and group use

• Understand how chocolate is made and the difference between Ceremonial Cacao and industrial chocolate

• Learn the nutritional, neurochemical, and spiritual benefits of Cacao

• Receive ceremonial ‘secrets’ from experienced practitioners

• Understand the principles behind holding sacred, safe space, and facilitating groups

• Discover that personal practice is foundational to sharing Cacao with integrity

• Become more confident and informed in offering Cacao 1:1 and in groups


• Includes three pounds of 100% Pure Ceremonial Grade Keith's Cacao

• Access our online content library - the most definitive Cacao content on the Internet

• Live class sessions aimed to engage in conversation and answer your questions, led by our team of trained course facilitators

• Each week, you will join other Cacao lovers for 1 - 1.5 hours of learning and community

• Access to our global Cacao Practitioner Facebook Community

Zoom Class Calls

      Pick the call time that is right for you (start times may be on a different day in YOUR timezone):

      Mondays 12:30 PM Eastern USA start time (find your start time)

      Mondays 6 PM Eastern USA start time (find your start time)

      Tuesdays 9 PM Eastern USA start time (find your start time)

      Wednesdays 6 AM Eastern USA start time (find your start time)




      Open enrollment means you are welcome to enroll at any time! The course has four weekly class times to choose from. Most students choose a day/time that works and stay with that time for the duration of the course, but you are welcome to attend any and ALL class calls. The course rotates through seven weeks, and you can start during any of the weeks. If you miss a week, you can catch it next time around!


      Certification is granted by the Course Facilitator and is based on participation and completion of the modules and the practice class. 

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