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Align with prosperity | Cacao ceremony | Cacao immersion | Prosperity

Align with Prosperity - a Sweet Dive into the Energy of Abundance

A Cacao Immersion is a call to journey within, to dive deep into oneself, lovingly held and guided by the medicine of Ceremonial Cacao, to explore, discover and connect with feelings, experiences, and beliefs nestled in the crevices of the body, mind, and heart.

The act of submerging the physical body, into purified waters, was an integral part of ancient healing practices, cleansing the body and initiating its journey back into alignment and balance. In many cultures, believers would literally immerse themselves into sanctified waters when marking a significant life transition or completing a rite of passage. In the western world, some would call this act a baptism. Today, in many spiritual and mindfulness practices, we honor these symbolic acts with an immersive experience. 

Each Keith’s Cacao Immersion is a metaphysical submersion into a unique topic or teaching. A journey made with the aid of Ceremonial Cacao. This liquid love in a cup - whose powers bring focused and sustained engagement, encourages a deeper awareness of self through the flow of blocked emotions and the surfacing of unconscious beliefs, all to be looked at, then integrated or dissolved. An immersive cleansing through tender self-love.

Clearing fears, doubts, anxiety or limiting beliefs is imperative on our journey toward prosperity. It is only through releasing, that we can bring ourselves back into alignment with our own personal definition of a flourishing, thriving, prosperous life. Bringing us “to the door” and helping us make the journey “with more love and less fear,” Keith’s Cacao is the ultimate alignment partner in this journey.

Intention is key. Each morning, as we take a plunge into a cupful of Keith’s Cacao medicine and deepen our relationship with this sacred teacher plant, we intend to build self-awareness and bring more conscious choices aligned with prosperity into all aspects of our lives. Through daily practices that include guided cacao ceremonies and meditations, conscious surrendering to selected music, contemplation, journaling, and community support in a private Facebook group and on Zoom calls, we explore self-acceptance, self-worth, abundance, prosperity, and enough-ness.

Ultimately, the intention is to shift from the energy of fear and lack to one of abundance, gratitude and fulfillment. This is what allows us to redefine our relationship with prosperity, so that we may give and receive ease and flow, in the felt sense of knowing that Source is inexhaustible and infinite.“There is no limitation to the magic the universe can bring you.” 

Join Keith's Cacao Practitioner Nicole Gnutzman in the next Align with Prosperity Cacao ImmersionMay 2nd - 24th, 2022based on the teachings of Keith Wilson, and be guided in becoming the most prosperous version of yourself. 

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