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Are You Ready to Break Up With Coffee? Here's Why Keith's Cacao Should Be Your New Morning Ritual

Leslie Purchase, MD, like many, relied on that initial cup of coffee to kickstart her day. That familiar jolt of caffeine had been her faithful companion through bleary-eyed mornings and sluggish afternoons. Until that is, she found an alternative that not only wakes her up but also nurtures a healthier relationship with her body and mind. Here is why Leslie gave up coffee for Keith's Cacao.

Leslie used to be a staunch coffee drinker, reliant on that initial hit of caffeine to kickstart her day. But then, she stumbled upon a revelation in Matthew Walker's book, "Why We Sleep," which completely reshaped her understanding of caffeine and its impact on our bodies' natural rhythms.

Walker unpacks the two primary reasons why we sleep: the circadian rhythm, tied to our exposure to light and darkness, and the accumulation of adenosine in our brains, responsible for sleep pressure. Enter caffeine—the protagonist in our coffee addiction story. It works by crossing the blood-brain barrier, blocking adenosine receptors, and making us feel more alert than we truly are. But this manipulation comes at a cost. When caffeine wears off, the pent-up adenosine floods our system, leaving us drained and yearning for another fix.

That's where Keith's Cacao steps in.

Unlike coffee, Keith’s 100% Pure Ceremonial Cacao primarily contains theobromine, a cousin to caffeine, but with a different game plan. Theobromine doesn't play mind games with adenosine in our central nervous system. Instead, it stimulates our peripheral system, boosting blood flow throughout our body and providing a genuine lift without the rollercoaster crash.

The beauty of Ceremonial Cacao lies in its approach—it doesn't coerce with cravings but offers a genuine, sustainable lift that feels like a warm embrace. Keith's Cacao stands out for its consistently low caffeine content, allowing theobromine to take the lead in creating that gentle, uplifting sensation.

For Leslie, transitioning from coffee to Keith’s Cacao felt like ending a toxic relationship and entering a healthy, nurturing partnership. Where coffee was like a demanding, fickle partner causing cravings and abrupt crashes, Cacao feels like a consistent, loving companion, gently uplifting without the drama.

The decision to switch from coffee to Keith's Cacao isn't just about a morning beverage; it's a choice for a more harmonious relationship with one’s body and mind. It's about embracing a ritual that uplifts without the rollercoaster of caffeine crashes.

Consider giving Keith's Cacao a try—it might just be the beginning of a healthier, more loving relationship with your morning routine.

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