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Are you thinking of making a healthy change from coffee to Keith's Ceremonial Grade Cacao?

More stories and reasons to switch to Keith's Cacao:

From Coffee to Cacao: Ianthi's Blissful Journey Back to the Heart

When Ianthi found Cacao –or was it Cacao that found her!– it was love at first sip, which led to a 180-degree turn in habits, attitudes, and state of being. Looking back now, it is difficult to remember that Ianthi was once so immersed in the coffee culture she even had her own specialty coffee café!


From Coffee to Cacao: Jennifer Tonin Introduces Cacao in the Workplace

Jennifer Tonin lives and works in a fast-paced, high-demand corporate environment in Milan, Italy, a country with a reputation for being Europe's coffee capital. Jennifer's challenge was introducing Keith's Cacao into the workplace as a replacement for the endless espressos to maintain focus, increase productivity and enhance creativity. The results were quite extraordinary!


From Coffee to Cacao: Lana Pribic's Call Home to Nature

Lana Pribic, Keith's Cacao practitioner, Certified Coach, and Psychedelics Advocate, made the switch from coffee addict to Cacao fanatic when her sleep troubles turned into full-swing insomnia!


Adrenal Fatigue: the Case for Switching From Coffee to Cacao

If you are experiencing adrenal fatigue, you should seriously reconsider your relationship with coffee and seek a better alternative. By far, the best choice you can make is Keith’s Pure Ceremonial Cacao. Read on to understand why.

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