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Erik Hansell: Elevating the Workspace with Cacao-Powered Innovation and Connection

Incorporating a plant medicine in the hustle and bustle world of corporate environments may seem unconventional. However, innovation often emerges from the uncharted territories of creativity and fresh perspectives. Meet Erik Hansell, a dynamic and seasoned professional who has harnessed the power of Keith's Cacao to transform his workspace and cultivate innovation, connection, and personal as well as professional growth.

A Glimpse into Erik Hansell's Journey

Erik Hansell's journey is a fusion of diverse experiences that have shaped his professional trajectory. From his early days as a management consultant at Deloitte to his role as a product manager at Box, Erik's exposure to the corporate world served as a solid foundation for his subsequent ventures. Driven by a desire to make a tangible impact on early-stage companies, he embarked on an enriching MBA journey at Wharton. It was during this phase that he began to discover his innate ability to bring out the best in others and create a thriving sense of community.

Discovering Cacao: A Heart-Opening Experience

The story of Erik's connection with Keith's Cacao is as intriguing as the effects it has had on his life. Erik had observed how, during his firm's weekly happy hour, a colleague would occasionally excuse himself to prepare a mysterious beverage - which turned out to be a cup of Ceremonial Cacao. Intrigued by the description of Ceremonial Cacao as a "heart opener," Erik sensed that there was more to this beverage than met the eye. His interest was piqued, leading him to delve into the world of this "mysterious" plant medicine and discover Keith's Cacao online and make his first purchase.

Erik's routine transformed drastically when the pandemic forced the corporate world into virtual spaces. Fortunately, he had a brick of Keith's Cacao to help navigate this new reality. Erik embarked on a delightful journey with his girlfriend, incorporating Cacao into their weekends. This ritual of sipping this rich and potent "hot chocolate" amid the lockdown provided a sense of coziness and connection that was missing in the virtual work-dominated days. The benefits of playfulness and relaxation brought by Keith's Cacao were evident in their newfound routine. As Erik embraced the meditative state facilitated by this Cacao, he realized the potential for its application in his workspace.

Cacao in the Workspace: Unleashing Creativity and Innovation

The corporate landscape is often characterized by structured routines, analytical thinking, and data-driven decisions. Erik recognized the need for an infusion of playfulness, creativity, and innovative thinking in this environment. Drawing inspiration from his personal experiences, he introduced the concept of Ceremonial Cacao into his workspace. Erik's weekly virtual "jam sessions" became a space where his team embraced Cacao-fueled brainstorming, collaboration, and creative exploration.

Erik witnessed a transformation by creating a nurturing environment where team members were encouraged to explore ideas individually before coming together to share and collaborate. The diverse interpretations of questions and challenges led to a harmonious blend of perspectives during these jam sessions. This practice not only facilitated deeper connections among team members but also generated groundbreaking ideas that propelled the company forward.

“Every Friday, we had a two-hour meeting with my team that I called jam sessions. I had bought bricks of Keith’s Cacao for them to make at home before the meetings. Then we would get together to brainstorm… each of us bringing in a different idea or perspective, which we would “synthesize” into “songs” that truly transformed our business. All aided by Keith’s Cacao!”

The Impact of Cacao on Personal and Professional Growth

As Erik's journey with Keith's Cacao continued, its influence extended beyond the workspace. Reflecting on the role of community in his life, he experienced a profound realization during a Cacao-fueled session. The revelation that community was his driving force became a guiding principle, shaping how he approached his relationships and interactions. The ability to align his work with his true superpower of fostering communities ignited a passion within Erik.

“I remember the day I sat down with my cup of Keith’s Cacao and had this light bulb moment. And it was simply that the most important thing for me is to operate within a community; that’s how I thrive. A good definition of a good team is that it is fundamentally greater than the sum of its parts. Approaching this from the community aspect, my primary interest is getting individuals to do more than the sum of their parts. My own superpower is creating these communities and fostering them. That day having had my Cacao, I knew that this was what I had to do. I could not have come to this simple yet profound realization without the Cacao.” 

Ceremonial Cacao's role in Erik's life extends beyond brainstorming and collaboration. It has served as a conduit for introspection, facilitating deep insights and guiding his professional and personal decisions. With his recent transition to a new role as the Chief of Staff to a CEO at a Boston-based company, Erik is still exploring the best ways to integrate Keith's Cacao into this new work environment. His commitment to fostering communities and enhancing personal and professional connections remains strong, as is his conviction of this potent plant medicine's astonishing potential in the workspace. 

The Importance of Work and Play!

Erik Hansell's journey is a testament to the profound impact of this beautiful plant medicine on an individual's life and work. As we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of work and relationships, Erik's story reminds us that fostering creativity, collaboration, and connection can lead to remarkable outcomes. It demonstrates how Keith's Cacao helps us embrace the unexpected and venture into uncharted territories, opening doors to innovation that can reshape our lives and the world around us. It is truly astounding how workspaces can benefit from a touch of playfulness, open communication, and a genuine sense of community. Perhaps it's time for all of us to raise a cup of Keith's Cacao to bring out the best in ourselves and those around us.

You can connect with Erik on LinkedIn here.

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