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"Hygge" Your Life with Keith's Cacao

Why are the Finns and the Danes some of the happiest people on this planet, topping the World Happiness Rankings year after year? Could this unpronounceable "hygge" word have anything to do with it? And if so, how can we "hygge our lives" to jump onto the happy wagon?

A concept deeply rooted in Danish culture, Hygge ("hoo-guh") denotes a sense of contentment and well-being often associated with coziness, relaxation, and gratitude. Hygge is versatile, serving as a noun, adjective, or verb, representing the essence of embracing life's small pleasures. It is a reminder that true well-being is about cherishing life's simple joys in an atmosphere of togetherness and comfort. 

Most pronounced during the winter months, Hygge is characterized by candlelight, warm woolens, and shared moments by the fireplace. Add a cup of the most heart-warming, connection-facilitating, delicious-tasting drink on the planet - aka a cup of Keith's 100% Pure Ceremonial Grade Cacao, and you are instantly on the happy wagon - or magic bus, as Keith Wilson, Keith's Cacao founder and instigator of the modern day Ceremonial Cacao movement likes to call it!

If Hygge were a drink, it would be a cup of Keith's Cacao. Like Hygge, this delicious and potent drink is all about warmth, mindfulness, and togetherness. Its regular consumption leads to a way of being that emphasizes the importance of joy, celebration, and connection. "Hygge is a lot about togetherness," says Danish Keith's Cacao Practitioner, Benjamin Dunk. "It is something we create together - a way of being that connects us with the lightness in our hearts, protects us from the stress of the modern-day rat race, and keeps a string attached to our sense of being, as opposed to our sense of doing." Keith's Cacao drinkers the world over can relate to that!

Mindfulness, Presence, and Ritual

The journey into both Hygge and Ceremonial Cacao begins with mindfulness and presence. Hygging -and Cacaoing- is fully immersing in the moment, feeling the love and the joy of enjoying a pause and a time apart alone or with those you love. Bolstered by simple rituals like the lighting of a candle or the mindful whisking of a cup of Keith's Cacao to perfection, the intentional process sets the stage for a moment of self-care and presence.

Sensory Pleasure

Sensory experiences are a cornerstone of Hygge. The texture of a soft, warm scarf, the taste of homemade pastries, the sound of crackling fire – all play a part in creating contentment and coziness. Add the aroma of Keith's Cacao with its rich, earthy notes, and you have the ultimate sense of comfort and indulgence. Sipping on a cup of Keith's Cacao is akin to wrapping yourself in a cozy blanket, indulging in the soft textures and flavors that bring comfort and well-being to your senses.

Connection and Togetherness

Hygge encourages spending quality time with loved ones, fostering deeper connections through shared experiences. Anyone who has sat in a Cacao Ceremony or shared a cup of Keith's Cacao with a friend and engaged in meaningful conversation or storytelling will tell you the sense of unity and camaraderie in these moments mirrors the spirit of Hygge. Cacao allows for connection from a very open-hearted, receptive, and playful place.

Nurturing the Soul

Hygge is all about soothing the mind and nourishing the soul. The benefits of regular consumption of Ceremonial Cacao include increased clarity, relaxation, and a profound sense of well-being. (More on the numerous benefits of Keith's Ceremonial Grade Cacao on our blog). It's like a warm embrace for your soul, creating a space for introspection and healing, much like the Hygge environment fosters emotional warmth and security.

Hygge and Cacao in Everyday Life

How can you incorporate Ceremonial Cacao into your daily Hygge routine? Consider creating a cozy Cacao corner in your home, complete with soft blankets and warm lighting. Brew a cup of Keith's Cacao and pair it with your favorite Hygge activities, whether it's reading a book, journaling, or crafting. Let the warmth of Keith's Cacao enhance your sense of comfort and mindfulness, and find a deeper connection to the simple joys of life and a profound sense of contentment.

New to Ceremonial Cacao? Head to our Quick Start Guide to learn more about this versatile, magical superfood and instructions on preparing a perfect cup.

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