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Katie Keany: Cacao, Witchery, and The Craft

Katie Keany is a Keith's Cacao Practitioner in Dublin, Ireland. She is also the co-owner of The Craft, "a coven of master hair crafters". More than just a hair salon, The Craft is a sisterhood dedicated to helping women externally express their sacred internal beauty - something that is achieved with a bit of help from Keith's Ceremonial Grade Cacao!

Hair salons, Katie confides, have traditionally been places where women open up to each other, sharing and supporting one another. Unfortunately, they can just as quickly turn into brewing grounds for gossip and bitchiness! The owners' intentions, set and setting, and the feeling created by Keith's Cacao ensure that instead of that, Katie's salon is a space where each woman is welcomed with open-wide hearts and celebrated for her unique quality, strength, and wisdom. 

Katie and her friends –and now business partners– had been in this industry for a long time, forever dreaming of opening up their own place together. Getting here was challenging, but it was also magical. The Craft came together through following their intuitions, sticking together, and being like true sisters. Sisterhood is all to do with the Craft, the magic, the witchcraft. In every woman, there's a witch. And this particular woman's magical tool is Keith's Cacao!

Katie's first experience with Cacao was through her friend and Keith's Cacao Practitioner, Natasha Vavasour. Having enjoyed the magic of Keith's Cacao for years, Katie wanted it to be a big part of the salon experience. She wanted to open her clients up to what she had been experiencing in her own journey with Ceremonial Cacao.

The Craft is currently the only hair salon in Dublin greeting its clients with a freshly brewed cup of Keith's Cacao. Katie describes how it helps her clients feel more settled in themselves, get into a calmer space, and open up. "It's just such a comforting thing to have while we're conversating," allowing both parties to elaborate more and go deeper into their conversations. "So it's been amazing to experience it. It's a fantastic tool to use with my staff and for myself. I so appreciate this plant, its magic, and all it has to offer us."

Katie knows that haircuts and hairstyles are intrinsically linked to feelings. Women decide how they'll do their hair because of a particular feeling. Sometimes the desire and decision can be because something tragic happened. Other times, something wonderful has occurred. The style will really portray that feeling. Keith's Ceremonial Cacao helps Katie and the client get to the root of that feeling and make sure they choose the right style. One they will not regret once they go home. "Styling hair is not just something we do to make someone look good. But it also is all about the feeling."

Keith's 100% Pure Ceremonial Grade Cacao really helps the clients and Katie herself root into themselves. This way, the chosen hairstyle becomes a genuine self-expression, a true portrayal of their deepest feelings. After all, the mission and purpose of The Craft is to provide a nurturing and empowering experience from start to finish for all its female clients so that they may awaken their inner light. And this is why more and more women gravitate toward the magic of The Craft and all that it has to offer – at the center of which is a cup of the liquid magic that is Keith's Cacao. 

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