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Natasha Vavasour: Ceremony Is a State of Being

Natasha Vavasour believes every moment holds the potential for magic. Her journey with Keith's Cacao has dismantled the barriers of worthiness, reinforcing the idea that every soul, in every circumstance, is deserving of its embrace.

A Call to Adventure

Natasha Vavasour, a mother of three, stumbled upon the world of Ceremonial Cacao during a particularly challenging chapter of her life. Her dream return to Ireland from Australia with her husband, a two-year-old toddler, and a six-month-old baby in 2015 turned out differently than imagined. The transition was tough. Amidst this uncertain transitional period, Natasha had a "vision". 

Lying in bed, nestled between slumber and wakefulness, she "saw" herself pouring chocolate. Already inclined towards healthy eating and crafting her own culinary delights, Natasha interpreted this vision as a call to embark on a chocolate-making journey. Little did she know that this was, in fact, a whisper from the universe, nudging her toward an extraordinary adventure. 

Finding Solace and Connection

Returning to Australia for a 10-day event later that year, she had Ceremonial Cacao for the first time. Though this initial encounter with Ceremonial Cacao did not set off fireworks, listening to a woman sharing her personal Cacao story resonated deeply with Natasha as it echoed her own experiences. 

Upon her return to Ireland, Natasha delved deeper into the world of Cacao Ceremonies, finding solace and connection in these gatherings. But Natasha's spirit was restless. She felt that these ceremonies –while sacred– held an air of exclusivity that didn't resonate with her. And so, a seed was planted – a dream of creating a space where the transformative power of Ceremonial Cacao could be shared without barriers, without prerequisites.

Ceremonial Cacao as a Gift for All

Natasha's bond with Keith's Cacao deepened further during her third pregnancy, as she communed with Mama Cacao and established a personal connection. Keith's Cacao became her companion through pregnancy and postpartum, leaving breadcrumbs of wisdom on her path. Through this journey, Natasha unearthed a truth: Ceremonial Cacao is not solely the realm of spiritual seekers; it is a gift for all, a balm for both the serene moments of reflection and the chaotic dance of daily life.

For Natasha, Ceremonial Cacao is a conduit to vulnerability – a quintessential human experience. It's a reminder that, while it can undoubtedly amplify spiritual journeys, its embrace is wide enough to encompass the spectrum of human existence. Her morning rituals with Keith's Cacao became her sanctuary, a way to connect to herself before the world claimed her attention. 

Sharing the Magic

As the world grappled with lockdowns, Natasha's morning Cacao practice evolved into an online sunrise ritual, touching hearts beyond her expectations. The simplicity of her approach resonated with many, anchoring them in the gentle embrace of Cacao as they faced the uncertainties of the day ahead..

In the midst of this, Natasha extended the magic to her children. The act of sharing a cup of Keith's Cacao before school, of setting intentions as a family, turned routine into ritual. In those moments, the mundane transformed into the sacred, and a simple sip became a thread that bound them through the day's separations.

Natasha's journey with Keith's Cacao has taught her profound lessons. She's embraced the truth that Ceremonial Cacao doesn't discriminate; it's a gift for everyone, a companion to both seekers and those simply navigating the ebb and flow of life. "Ceremony" isn't confined to decorated halls and elaborate rituals; it's a state of being. Whether in the car en route to school or in the stillness of dawn's embrace, we can infuse every sip of Cacao with intention, choosing sacredness within ourselves. 

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