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Magic Chocolate: Cacao and the Metaphysical

Contemporary Western society's renewed fascination with all things metaphysical, mystical, and spiritual is undeniable. But it is a far cry from the stereotypical "hocus pocus" depictions of witchcraft. While practices like crystal work, tarot readings, and drum circles have taken center stage, one mystical elixir has quietly emerged as a powerful tool in contemporary metaphysical circles – Ceremonial Cacao.

Roald Dahl once said, "Those who don't believe in magic will never find it." As the mind behind the captivating world of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," Dahl probably knew a thing or two about the enchanting allure of chocolate and its potential to “bring on your magic!”

To grasp the profound connection between Cacao and the mystical, we must delve into its rich history and the ancient beliefs that elevated it to a "divine status." The word "cacao" has its origins in the Mesoamerican languages as "Ka'kau," interpreted by some to mean "heart blood." This name is not just a linguistic quirk; it reflects the deep-seated belief that Cacao was intertwined with the divine essence. According to Mayan mythology, the gods bled onto Cacao pods, considering this sacred plant a key ingredient in the creation of humanity. The scientific genus name for Cacao, "Theobroma," even translates to "Food of the Gods." For the Maya, Cacao was not merely sustenance but a vital element in restoring balance and fostering a profound connection to the divine.

Keith Wilson, the founder of Keith's Cacao and the driving force behind the modern Ceremonial Cacao movement, often cites an ancient myth: "Whenever there is an imbalance between humans and nature, Cacao comes from the rainforest to open people's hearts and return the planet to a state of harmony. I call it the 'food for the shift.' It represents the new order of love and peace, which is being cultivated right now." - Keith Wislon

Today, thanks to Keith, Pure Ceremonial Cacao has re-emerged from the rainforest and partners with those who use it to "bring on their magic"! Modern-day practitioners and experienced consumers attest that Ceremonial Cacao, unlike other plant medicines or entheogens that induce a trip, empowers individuals to co-create their spiritual journey.

"Keith's Cacao is unlike any other Cacao I have ever worked with and experienced. Something about Keith's Cacao connects people through that golden heart string…It feels like there is this pure connection to the Spirit of Mama Cacao." Susy Markoe Schieffelin, Crystal Alchemy Sound Healer and Keith's Cacao Practitioner

In modern-day Ceremonial Cacao rituals, facilitators and practitioners invoke the "Spirit of Cacao" to enter their hearts, bodies, and minds. Thanks to the magical "theobromine," "phenylethylamine," and "anandamide" molecules, Ceremonial Cacao has the power to restore our sense of love, oneness, and universal connectedness. When it is as pure and potent as Keith's Cacao, it offers a unique pathway to facilitate and enhance experiences. It brings practitioners directly into the present moment, self-acceptance, and loving trust. It's a fully embodied experience that empowers individuals to recognize that they are in control. Yet, judgment recedes, allowing messages to flow in, intuition to flourish, and imagination to run wild.

More and more tarot card readers, astrologers, and channellers are recognizing the power of Keith's Cacao as an enhancer of intuition and insight. Sipping this magical elixir, they open themselves to a deeper connection with their intuition, allowing the cards' symbolism to flow with greater clarity. The energy lift and heightened state of awareness provided by Keith's Cacao, makes it easier for divinators to tap into the metaphysical realms during readings and consultations, attune themselves to the cosmic energies, and gain deeper insights into birth charts and celestial alignments.

Christina Lanai, also known as the Blonde Priestess, uses Ceremonial Cacao as a sacred facilitator of divination and ritual, creating a nurturing and grounded space for her clients. Christina is a human design coach, astrological advisor, tarot reader, spiritual consultant, and a Keith's Cacao Practitioner. "Keith's Cacao naturally found its way into my practice as I sought to channel a more nurturing, motherly energy within myself. It helped ground me with its earthy qualities," she says. In readings, "it has shifted me from an overly enthusiastic and verbose state into a more deliberate and stable mindset," she adds. When working one-on-one with clients, Christina now incorporates Cacao into her sessions. Preparing a cup for herself and one for her client to create a sacred space for their work, she asks her client to infuse their cup with their intentions before diving into the readings.

For Keith's Cacao and shamanic practitioner Levi Banner, this magical chocolate delivers real wonders when it comes to establishing a connection between himself as a reader and his clients. This is how he explains it:" When meeting a client for the first time, establishing a connection can be a bit challenging. They might express doubt, thinking, or even saying things like "I am not sure if this applies to me,' or 'I don't know if you're truly psychic.' It is truly remarkable how Keith's Cacao is the perfect tool, like medicine, that can melt away those initial barriers and open our hearts to a more genuine connection. This transformation allows us to delve into their true essence, shedding any pretense on both ends. It might sound a bit like wizardry, but it truly bridges the gap between us." Wizardry indeed!

Beyond Tarot and astrology, the magical elixir that's Keith's Cacao is becoming an integral part of various metaphysical ceremonies, including meditation circles, crystal healing sessions, and shamanic journeys. Its heart-opening qualities facilitate emotional release and healing, allowing participants to explore the depths of their consciousness and connect with their spiritual guides. But the magic of Keith's Ceremonial Grade Cacao extends over and above the individual practices, fostering a sense of community and unity among seekers of the metaphysical. In a world where the mystical meets the material, Keith's Ceremonial Cacao has become a trusted ally for those seeking to explore the mysteries of the universe. Every sip allows seekers to unlock the potential of the divine within, forge a deeper connection to the metaphysical world, and find solace in the enchanting embrace of this Magic Chocolate.

New to Ceremonial Cacao? Head to our Quick Start Guide to learn more about this versatile, magical superfood and instructions on preparing a perfect cup.

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