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Keith's Cacao Ceremony with Andrés

Join Andrés Jiménez in a Cacao Ceremony and Group Processing session.

$ 25.00 USD

Keith's Cacao Ceremony 

Led by Andrés Jiménez

Wednesdays at 9 AM Guatemala time (10 AM Eastern US Time) via Zoom

About Andrés:

Andrés Jiménez, Cacao Ceremonialist, Meditation Teacher, and Therapist, has dedicated the past 12 years to studying and exploring the profound spiritual properties of Cacao. Andrés studied for many years with Keith Wilson, founder of Keith’s Cacao, who helped people all around the world get out of their own way and discover their highest joy and life purpose. He also received training from Nan Paola García and Tat Gustavo Ik and, most recently, from Tat Pedro Yac Noj and Nan Faviana Cochoy Alba, revered Mayan elders hailing from the High Plains of Guatemala. Andrés also plays a pivotal role as the General Manager of Keith’s Cacao in Guatemala.

About Andrés Ceremonies:

His meticulously crafted ceremonies are designed to harmonize ancestral wisdom with contemporary modalities. All in service of harnessing the healing potential of Ceremonial Cacao. We will drink Cacao together. Andrés will guide the group in meditation and then open to questions for inner processing.

Time Commitment:

Please note that these online ceremonies typically last 3-4 hours, though you can sign out anytime you feel complete. Registration closes 30 minutes after the ceremony starts. 

How to Attend:

Select a date and complete the checkout process above. You will receive a confirmation email with the Zoom link to access this event. 


Please Note: These ceremonies are designed to be experienced in the moment, and due to their nature, we don't currently provide replays. However, we do offer free monthly Cacao Ceremonies led by some of our most experienced practitioners that are recorded and made available for an unlimited time. Check out the Events & Experiences section on our Homepage regularly for updates. 

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