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Keith's Cacao Ceremony with Nicole

Cacao Medicine Path Ceremony: Becoming the Medicine

$ 40.00 USD

Keith's Cacao Ceremony 

Cacao Medicine Path Ceremony 

Led by Nicole Gnutzman

Saturday, April 27, Saturday, May 25th, and Saturday, June 29


About Nicole

Nicole Gnutzman is a Cacao Medicine, Shamanic & Reiki Practitioner, Journey Guide, Integration Coach and Mentor, who has held Cacao Medicine and Shamanic Drum Journeys and Sacred Women’s Cacao Circles at yoga and meditation studios, international retreat and healing arts centers; and privately for groups and individuals since 2014. Her private 1:1 and group work includes guiding clients on healing journeys with cacao enhanced by sacred plant medicine that allow them to get unstuck, release old patterns, and reconnect mind-body-soul. She offers online pre-journey preparation and support, guided cacao journeys and meditations on her websitesoulscapecoaching.com and virtual training and mentorship for journey guides.

She was called by the Cacao Spirit in 2010, began her deep inner work with cacao in 2014 and first sat on Keith’s porch in San Marcos de Laguna, Guatemala in 2016 and has returned almost every year since then. Previously, she worked in the corporate world for 18 years as an educational publishing executive and left to become a certified chocolatier and owned her own artisanal chocolate company. She is also currently Director of Training & Course Design for Keith’s Cacao and co-designed and facilitates the Power of Cacao Practitioner Training and Cacao Immersions. She has landed in Northern California for now….
  • Cacao Practitioner since 2014
  • Shamanic and Reiki practitioner
  • Certified Whole Person Coach
  • Sacred Medicine Journey Guide and Mentor
  • Director of Training for Keith’s Cacao; co-developed the Power of Cacao Practitioner Training and Cacao Immersions
  • Founded an artisanal chocolate company

About Nicole's Ceremonies:

Cacao is a sacred, gentle and yet powerful plant medicine and has been my teacher, healer and guide for 10 years. Cacao supported me in gently seeing and peeling back the layers of conditioning that were in my way and allowed me to remember who I truly am, my gifts and my soul’s path. 

My deep relationship and connection with cacao and the Cacao Spirit is deeply felt in my ceremonies. I hold cacao as sacred plant medicine, which is a teacher, healer and guide. Cacao gently reveals what we need to look at to become whole and empowers us to live into her teachings. I embody the teachings–unconditional love, compassion and grounded connection, of cacao; and hold sacred and safe space to allow others to feel empowered to deepen their relationship with her. When we work with cacao in an intentional way, we all become the medicine.

The Focus of These Ceremonies:

  • Reconnecting mind-body-soul
  • Remembering who you truly are
  • Getting unstuck
  • Releasing limiting beliefs, conditioned patterns and expectations
  • Transmuting dense, negative energies
Time Commitment for this event: 
Please note that these online ceremonies typically last 3 hours, though you can sign out anytime you feel complete. Registration closes 30 minutes after the ceremony starts.
If you feel called, please prepare a cup of Cacao ready to begin to the event!

How to Attend:

Select a date and complete the checkout process above. You will receive a confirmation email with the Zoom link to access this event. 

Please Note: These ceremonies are designed to be experienced in the moment, and due to their nature, we don't currently provide replays. However, we do offer free monthly Cacao Ceremonies led by some of our most experienced practitioners that are recorded and made available for an unlimited time. Check out the Events & Experiences section on our Homepage regularly for updates. 

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