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Empaths | Keith's original writings | Keith's wisdom

Empath Angels

This blog post is an excerpt from the original writings of Keith Wilson, the Chocolate Shaman, which were first published in 2012. For more recent info on all things Ceremonial Cacao, visit our main blog For the Love of Cacao.

I do a lot of work with Empaths, taking them through an empowerment process to help them do something besides absorbing or identifying with the energies around them. I am posting the information here as I work with it, so I am giving you the basics without the details at this point. This work helps many re-understand their lives in a whole new way. 

There are three ways of understanding what empaths do, all of which are fine:

1. empaths 'eat' or sponge up the density of others or planetary issues

2. empaths identify with these energies as their own

3. empaths adjust their vibration/resonance/frequency to match the lower vibration they are working with

In general, Empaths are highly sensitive people who suck up the negative emotional energies others do not want to deal with or take in negative energies from the environment. Some would say it is a process of identifying with the energies more than actually taking them in. Either way, the effect is the same and can be worked with however it is for you. As you might expect, it causes a lot of problems. Most websites for Empaths focus on helping with those problems, ‘fixing’ the Empaths, or teaching them how to protect themselves from such energies.

As a therapist, I had many clients with such characteristics, and, having them myself, I began working with them in a way that seemed to help. Over the years, I gained a lot of insight, and when I learned they are called Empaths and checked out the web, what I found seemed simplistic and missing the point. I've been conducting trainings for Empaths for many years now. Every week I am told that what I share made sense of someone's entire life for the first time. In the last several years, I have worked with many groups of young spiritual types where often, more than half the participants raise their hands when asked who tended to regularly take the emotional density of others into themselves.

I believe there is an interesting story to these people that needs to be told. But not one oriented toward how they can protect themselves, which is the common angle with anything that is now on the web. Though there are so many of them, there is nothing out there that provides a complete understanding, as far as I know. 

I am in the process of putting together a video training specifically for Empaths – these sponges who absorb emotional or environmental negativity inside them. Everyone who has written about Empaths has a different perspective, so here is mine! Unlike most of what is written out there, my take is that you are not broken and do not need fixing. That sponging has been the first part of your training, and what I want to do is to help you with the next step. 

Many branches of psychology accept that adolescents, for instance, tend to take on the emotional densities of their adult parents, act them out, and then get punished by those same adults for the energies they themselves won’t own. This is considered to be fact. But what if those emotional energies actually leave the adults and are taken in by the adolescents, and the buckets of tears or their acting out is how they clear the internalized energies out of their system? Many Empaths, who have become aware of what they are doing, understand that this is exactly how it is.  

Protection from the negative energies of others does not work. This use of one’s energy is a prayer that tells the universe this is the kind of fun you want to have, so reality throws more at you. "Defense is a prayer for attack." A Course in Miracles. Mother Theresa is widely quoted as having said she would never attend an anti-war rally, but if you had one for peace, she'd be there. She understood that to be anti-war suggests to existence that you want more war on the planet, as your joy is in fighting against it. The best way to have more drugs (or terror) in a society is to have a 'War On Drugs".  

My work with Empaths is to demonstrate to them that they are highly trained energy workers who got their training through eating up the negativity of others (or the natural world) since they were children. In a society without shamans, nuns, monks, or witches to tell parents that their children are going to have specialized training in the human and planetary pain-body, and in which the adults around them do not accept that such energy transference from one person to another is even possible, where is that training going to come from? Read Eckhart Tolle to understand what happens when the contents of the pain-body are not released... “For those who hold on to the old patterns, there will be increasing pain, violence, confusion, and madness." (Eckhart TolleThe Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment). In a society where you are taught to deal with your pain-body by having dramas, these pain-body experts will be needed; and their training begins as children.  

In this context, Empaths serve as an emotional release pathway for society. They are also called ‘grounds’ since they relieve an individual or a group of their emotional charge or negativity, like a lightning rod that pulls away the dense emotional energies. As you can imagine, most of the people who do this work, mostly unconsciously, have problems for it. Of course, we are a bit ‘out-of-the-box’ here in terms of what is reasonable in the consensus reality. Still, there are many for whom these ideas resonate and are quite acceptable. However new these concepts may be to you, they are not really the topic here. If you are with me this far, the essence of what I am sharing is about taking another step beyond such understandings.

If we focus on the absorbers of these densities, we can call it either a service or a dysfunction. If we focus on the people being relieved of their emotional burden – even if they later regenerate it – we would call it healing. Or, at least, temporary symptomatic relief. If an Empath is simply feeling, empathetically, the emotions of another, maybe it hurts, but this is nothing special. If the emotions themselves are being energetically transferred, and the Empath has tears, depression, or acts out because it hurts and because that behavior moves the energies out of them, that is advanced healing work, however unpleasant.  

From an Empath's blog:

"I used to listen to [a friend] for hours while she unloaded her angry emotions onto me. When the conversation was over, she was all happy and bubbly, and it would take me days to recover – to let go of the emotions she dumped on me." 

If this Empath were only feeling the emotions, her friend would not have ended up so happy and bubbly, and it would not have taken days to recover.  

Imagine this. A therapist is sitting with a client. The client is experiencing the release of negative emotions and related belief systems from within so they can move toward ending the cycle of repeatedly living out those scenarios in their life. The therapist is an Empath who no longer internalizes such energies; instead, they know exactly what to do with them. Making the same connection through which they may have received a parent’s pain when they were four years old, density just effortlessly flows from the client and is directed to a transmutation at the levels of reality that the therapist is in partnership with. As the client feels lighter, the flow reverses. The client now fills the empty spaces with something far more suitable, bringing in the new belief systems, etc., through the same channel used to release the density. All the while, the client is learning to do this for themselves.

Empaths develop both this channel and their inner understanding of human emotional density, beginning in infancy or childhood, through receiving negativity from others or their environment. As an Empath myself, I have been assisting other Empaths to stop eating the densities of others and using their talents, instead, in the way described above; and even have fun doing it! This post is written with the intent to help other Empaths in the same way. 

Absorbing all that emotional and energetic garbage has prepared us to understand and work with negative energy release at a time on the planet when this knowledge is profoundly needed. We have skills that will be welcomed by an increasing number of people who find themselves in the crucial process of releasing what Eckhard Tolle calls the ‘pain-body.’ People who do not know how to get that density out of them. We are trained in this. We are some of the most highly skilled healers on the planet! It’s ok if these ideas are new to you. Give yourself time.

Of course, you're not going to be much help if you continue internalizing all the negative energies in the same way you did in the past. So what I am sharing here is intended to help you make that change. It’s all about doing what you already naturally do but in a way that is fun, powerful, fulfilling, effortless, and a huge blessing to others. That blessing to others is the ‘angels’ part of “Empath Angels.” Having experienced the pain of the human condition in this way, we have the inner authority to work with it. We have earned that authority! We may not have an outer license from society; in fact, they have made us wrong. But our inner license will do just fine.

Most of us gave up much of our childhood, adolescence, and love life to get that training. It hurt. We got no understanding or validation from anyone – especially from those, like parents, who didn't want to know their energies were causing us problems. We chose this, millions of us, before we were born, knowing what would happen. That's right, you cooperatively arranged the people who would train you with their negative energy before you were born. You are not a victim, and there is nothing wrong with you! Perhaps you have assumed that something this big in your life is outside of your Divine Plan?

Whatever part of the negativity on this planet you specialize in, you've consumed it all. You may have sucked it in from individuals, groups, public places, a disaster on television, or the environment. But sucked it in you did, and trained you are, in the only way that training was available. Had the teachers come (if there were any teachers when you were three-and-a-half or four years old) and told your parents you were different and belonged with them for training, your parents would've likely called the police. You got your training in moving negative energies by eating them and then by finding a way – often not pleasant – to get that density out of you, so you had room to eat more. 

Thank you for all of that. That part of your training didn't come easy, but I know many Empaths who are glad they did it, and they know how much they are now needed on the planet.

What I want to share with you is intended to get you ready. You have nothing more to learn by continuing to eat the emotional densities of others or those of the environment, whatever your specialty is. There are other ways to play with these energies – without taking them inside. Learning not to internalize them will be a process. It's time.  

As an Empath, I am here to share what I have learned through years of assisting hundreds of other Empaths with this transformation. To help you no longer do something with outside energies that makes your heart shut down and want to run away. After all, we didn't go through all that pain and confusion for nothing. After all, the time has come when you will be able to sit with someone who is ready to let go of some painful inner density but who is too terrified and does not understand how to do that. But you can now know: “Ha, I absorbed worse than that when I was eight.” That is being in your power without fear and assisting with the often emotional energies that most people would rather die than look at. It is an important, life-saving job fit for an ‘Angel.’ Is it not? Here, we will help you understand all about that job; it is uniquely different for each of us.

That part of your training is over; a new part begins. You can learn to stop taking all that stuff inside and stop protecting yourself from it. Many Empaths make the shift from problem to power and are able to play with their abilities in an hour or so. Others find that the fear of being competent or different, the loss of the payoff from their disability, or having to give up their old habits, is a bit more than they are ready for just now. We will cover all this here.  

You have a Ph.D. in every inner experience, feeling, and issue that our culture teaches us to push down and deny. A Ph.D. in everything that, as the next years unfold, a planet full of people will be releasing as a part of the ‘shift’ we are all going through. Doctors and psychologists only know to drug you if you have ‘stuff coming up.’ We, millions of us, are almost the only ones who will know how to help. That's why you began training as an infant or child. You will be needed. You are ready for the fun part. Further consumption of, or protection from, negative energies will not be required. Doctors will soon be sending people to us.

Forgive me if I sound a bit New Agey, but we are all headed to a place where it will be easier to manifest what we want. If we take our inner baggage there, it will also manifest easily, like it or not. So those inner issues have to go. This shift will happen in a society and culture that taught everyone to push inner negative stuff back down, only to then have it manifest outside in the world and experienced as trauma, drama, pain, struggle, and suffering. A planet full of such releasing, with so many people in blame and projection mode, would not be a fun place to be! But there is another way to get that stuff out of people. Empaths have been experiencing that way, beginning quite young and usually unconsciously, in order to one day help and show others that way. It’s time for an adventure! “Brace yourselves!” 

Other than a few shamans and energy healers (certainly not the people ordinarily acceptable by society as helpers), we are among the few who know how to assist others in releasing these energies. And you have been doing it for decades; that’s a lot of training and experience! Very professional of you! That’s why I said doctors will be sending people to us; it’s not just the doctors who are well-trained! For decades, we have been working at levels of healing far beyond what the culture considers possible. Hence, the only way that could happen without blowing your cover was to be labeled dysfunctional; you had little understanding or validation for what was really happening.  

Now your cover is blown! It’s time. Time to let go of the belief that there is something wrong with you. Congratulations, one part of your training is over. Empath Angels, I’m talking to you. It's time for more, time to learn who you are, time to be ‘that’ you in the world. It’s time to finish absorbing and deal with being powerful. There will be enough time for everything. You can do this at your own pace. It’s ok to hide from it all for a few years; it will be right there, ready when you are.

Letter from an Empath

I received this email after an Empath training I did in London in 2008. Empaths are known for being ‘sensitive,’ and there are many who can relate to this experience. Not all Empaths are this extreme, but some are more!

"Dear Keith. My name is M. We met on King X last Thursday at the back of the organic shop. I hope you remember me because I would like to thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. I did not really expect anything to happen that day. I thought we would just talk. But the experience I had during your meditation was the strongest and most important I have had in my entire life. I know I can share everything with you because you will understand. First, I felt like my eyes were in my stomach. I felt a horrible, old pain there. I think my mum was there, and some other people’s pains. That made me cry.

But I also "felt" C. when he was next to me. I mean, I felt what has to “be released" from him, but I didn’t want it to be released through me. I felt that he didn’t want to let it go. Like he wanted to remain stuck in his past and in his questions instead of letting it all go. However, in the next few days, I couldn’t stop thinking about him. He was in my mind, all the time… also in my dreams. Then, on Wednesday, I woke up at 6 in the morning, feeling much pain inside me. He was still on my mind, and the tears started to flow. I couldn’t stop it. On the train, I was crying, like water running from the tab (everyone on the train was looking at me). Then, again, at work. I had to hide in the corner of the shop for customers not to see me. I spend my one-hour break crying for him. And I know they were his tears. The next day everything stopped, and C. was gone from my mind.

I had no clue that there was such a thing as an Empaths. I always thought that I was just super sensitive. And this is also what I was my parents and teachers told me. Since I was small, and all my life, I have suffered, crying about everything. I have always been told that I shouldn’t be like this and that I have to be strong. With time, I stopped crying so often; but, instead, felt everything ‘sit’ in my stomach. People could ‘give’ me all kinds of negative energies, sometimes without even talking to me, and I was just taking in their rubbish. I felt I had no choice. For years, they could so easily just ‘dump' any negative energy into me, making me so toxic; in everyday life and also in my relationships. Friends at work would call me the ‘sponge.’ And it’s not good to be like that. It's horrible. But I didn’t know how to deal with the other people in my life.

It hasn't happened yet since our ceremony despite finding myself in situations that would have normally been toxic for me. I know you know. I am finished with all of that now. I’m so grateful for everything that happened during the ceremony. It meant everything to me."

The Connection with Truth or Archangel Michael in the Christian and Jewish Traditions

If you look into the mystical literature on Archangel Michael, you find he is the leader of God's Angels or God's Army, and he carries a big sword. It is the sword of Truth, and you can ask Michael to use his sword to help cut you free from something in your life that you no longer want. Empaths have this same sword of Truth, and we have all spent decades experiencing its use. As I understand it, at this time on the planet, the number-one project of number-one Archangel Michael is Empaths. You are not in this alone. With that big sword, Michael is said to lead God's armies. What if God's army is not about war but is instead about a patient, loving cleanup? Of people and a planet with a pain-body. What if your training is over?

If you are from another spiritual tradition, no doubt you have your own representative holding the Truth energy. Ganesha, the part elephant Hindu deity (the remover of obstacles), is the best-known example. He holds the same energy as Michael and his cut-you-free sword.

Over the years, I have worked with a number of Empaths who, as part of their process, found this sword within and began using it to cut away the density they had accumulated. Look into your heart. You've probably hidden it through garbage protection services, no joke. Healing your own density is for sure the best way to really understand healing the density of others. And the best way to awaken more deeply to your own abilities and specialties. Who you really are, needs the room to play that those densities occupy – be they yours or those of others – so it has to go, one way or another.

For more of Keith's wisdom, visit Keith Wilson's Original Blog on Keith's Cacao Blog Directory.

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