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Keith Wilson - The World Needs Your Magic

Answering the call of the Cacao Spirit, Keith Wilson, founder of Keith's Cacao and the revered Chocolate Shaman, embarked on a mission to reintroduce Ceremonial Cacao to a world that had forgotten its significance. In this endeavor, he emerged as the father of the ever-expanding Ceremonial Cacao movement we witness today. As well as being an exceptional Ceremonial Cacao maker, Keith was a brilliant “processing intuitive.” For the two decades he lived in San Marcos La Laguna, he generously shared his Cacao and profound teachings on his fabled "porch." These gatherings marked the inception of modern-day Cacao Ceremonies and formed the core of what Keith affectionately termed an unofficial school.

"This is a school," Keith would affirm, "a school for how to get out of your own way. It's a school for healers, teachers, energy workers, creators, artists, and manifesters. But we don't teach techniques in those subjects. Because you don't need it. Everything is already inside, ready to roll. All you need to do is get out of your own way. And you're all absolutely terrified to do that.”

Keith crafted and shared his Cacao to aid his students as they journeyed inside "with less fear and more love." He taught us that with a bit of help from the Spirit of Cacao contained in every cup of Keith's Cacao, we can delve into our inner realms, casting a loving light on our shadows, densities, pain bodies, limiting patterns, and beliefs, thereby unlocking the dormant potential within us.

"In using Cacao, you work with the density that She – with cooperation from Higher Self – helps bring to your attention. Feeling it, or with awareness of its location in your body, you can get close to it, move to or into it… and let the knowing unfold. Feel it to the bottom! As much as possible, hold non-attached surrender and pass on the judgment and fixing. Feel it to the bottom, as you can. Then, bring in the light. Give the density to whatever portion of your higher reality or the guides you are working with… and it will transmute. That transmuted energy, and the higher energy you intentionally allow to flow into the newly opened space, heals you.” If you can feel it, you can heal it. And if you can do this for yourself, you can do it for others.

Keith believed that our planet is undergoing a profound clearing and cleansing process, a collective shedding of density, pain, and resistance—a cosmic purification surpassing individual experiences. Grasping this cosmic phenomenon is crucial for understanding the interconnectedness of our personal healing journeys with the broader tapestry of existence. We all have a role to play in alleviating this collective pain body.

"If you understand in some way that on this planet, we are going through a massive clearing, cleansing, pain body release, density release process, you might consider that there are a lot of people here who've come to help this process, who know how to get this density out of people, who know how to get nightmares out of people, who know how to get fear, pain, resistance out of people. The people who came to do this are you, and it's all inside.”

A prolific writer, Keith left us with a substantial collection of his wisdom in his original blog, which he began writing in 2012. His fundamental teachings on density and inner work are encapsulated in Cacao for Inner Work, Using Cacao for Spiritual Purposes, About What I Do, and Empath Angels.

You can get a good feel of what it was like sitting in ceremony with Keith on his porch in A School For Getting Out Of Your Own Way – Chapter 9 of Alla Polsky's book Lost & Found: A Memoir & Compass For Anyone In Search Of More Love, Happiness & Meaning, reproduced on our blog with permission from the author. 

If you want to learn how to host a Cacao Ceremony, dive deep into Ceremonial Cacao, and discover your unique way of sharing the magic of Keith's Cacao, check out our Power of Cacao Certification Course. Currently offered in multiple languages, the course is a prerequisite for anyone who wishes to be a Keiths Cacao Practitioner.

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