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Mini-Brick Cacao Paste

Now you can give the gift of Keith's Cacao in the FUN sized package 170g (6oz). A great gift for you cacao-newbie friends!


6oz (170g) bars (mini-brick)

A smaller version of the legendary Keith's Cacao Brick. This slim 6oz (170g) beauty is perfect for gifting the magic of Keith's Cacao to that special someone, office mate, or neighbor. Spread a little Ceremonial Cacao love today with Mini-Bricks.

Each Mini-Brick is 4 ceremonial doses or 6 daily doses.

Crafted to enchant the artistic soul, our Ceremonial Grade Cacao is the perfect partner in the pursuit of music, art, dance, yoga, meditation, and spiritual or shamanic practice. Trusted by Cacao Practitioners and ideal for the workplace, Keith’s Cacao can enhance insight, creativity, and focus. Try the World's Finest Healthy Hot Chocolate today!

Because this is a food product, returns are not accepted. 

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